30 June 2009

My Baby Likes Carmina Burana

So I have come to the realization that Carl Orff's Carmina Burana is beneficial for my baby's health (yes, personification is a totally normal procedure in my world view, for further information, read here and here).

Anyway, like what I have been mentioning before, I sometimes find myself in a slump, in a hard time writing and going forward. Don't get me wrong: conducting research for me is fun. I like coming up with concepts to test and devising experiments to test them. But when it comes to reporting the whole thing, and writing up the stuff, then I sometimes find myself stuck that I don't find myself writing, and instead find myself thinking about the immortality of the crab.

Anyway, so I find myself doing that every now and then, and so to feel a sense of progress, I try at least to add or revise a page of the second draft of my dissertation proposal. But today, I inadvertently tried something different.

What I did was plug my earphones and stream Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.

And boy, what a difference it made.

I consider this piece to be one of my most favorite pieces to listen to. I had the opportunity to listen to this live three years ago, in Prague. And it happens that the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus are performing this piece this coming July 11, so I even organized a little group consisting of my friends to attend this event with me. Anyway, I never tire of hearing this piece, so I decided to put it on while working. And voila! I found myself adding five additional pages to my second draft. A huge improvement! And I still have more to add. Perhaps the Latin singing just has a weird influence on my thought patterns, and I can actually think and type and move forward with this endeavor.

The thing is, writing a dissertation is a me-against-myself battle. Self-discipline is a huge prerequisite. And I suppose my brain cannot handle the sound of silence, since I often find myself irritated if I constantly sit down for long periods of time and try to work without hearing something. Maybe, my brain's right hemisphere wants something to do while the left hemisphere does my analytical processes. So for best results, it seems that I need to feed both my left and right hemispheres with something to do at the same time, and Carmina Burana seems to work perfectly.

(Roosevelt on Wheelchair, from my DC Memorials Series)

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