10 June 2009

Reason, Emotion, and Humans

The other day, my friend and I watched the romantic comedy movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. If one wants to see the sights of Barcelona without actually going there, this would be a good film.

Anyway, this film tackles the human emotions that encircled two Americans, Vicky and Cristina, and how they get entangled in the weavings of human love and relationships while spending a summer in Barcelona. It was directed by Woody Allen, and overall, we both enjoyed the movie.

What made me think about this is the fact that humans seem to have two sides: a rational one, and an emotional one. This push and pull was very obvious in the characters of the film, especially in Vicky. Which made me think about this balance. People balance the two in different ways. Some people value emotions more than reason. I suppose if you have been following this blog, then you know how I stand on that. Too bad that it would be too unethical to play with this balance and conduct experiments on various people, manipulating factors that would tease out this difference.

Anyway, that was that. The movie was exotic, and so yeah, that turned out to be a good movie night.

(Lincoln Memorial Upfront, from my DC Memorials Series)


  1. I disliked the movie. :) It seems that most movies are made keeping in mind an audience that is governed by emotions, or people with external locus of control, they are the noisy ones anyway.

    I might be biased, for I am not a movie guy, for I don't like most emotional stuff thats on display and I usually go 'how can s/he be so stupid! its irrational! etc.' The funniest moment of my life was few years back when I started laughing insanely at a supposedly emotional scene (Hindi movie), and the sobbing lady on the next row gave me a long emotional lecture about how I didn't have a heart. hehe! I think I laughed even more. Anyway, I did think that Vicky Cristina Barcelona was irrational movie but the locations were good. :)

  2. Agreed!

    I liked the movie for the same reasons, the thin line between reason and emotion (and also the guy's girlfriend, her yelling in Spanish is hilarious!).

    That said, it's a bit stereotypical of Europe...

  3. Priyank,

    Hahaha. I know, humans can be irrational at times, when there is a very obvious logic that is way better than emotionalism. I won't be surprised if your Hindi experience happened to me as well.


    Stereotypical Europe? I suppose, given the fact that the only things that were shown were the good stuff. I watched another movie that was set in Barcelona as well (L'auberge espagnole) and the scenery wasn't that great.