09 July 2009

Book Review: 26A by Diana Evans

I do not know how to process this novel. Perhaps, I could summarize my feeling about this as blah. Yeah, just like that.

So the story is about this family. The mother is Nigerian, and the father is English. They had four daughters, Isabel, Bessi, Georgia, and Kemy. Bessi and Georgia are twins, and the story narrates their lives from toddler years to when they turn 25.

Sure, life can be funny at times. You laugh at the weird sense of logic that little children look at their surroundings, and this book has presented it so well that I catch myself laughing at times too. And then the twins grow up, they experience boys for the first time, and then they start living apart. One heads to the Caribbean for six months, and another pursues a different interest from the other.

In short, this is a story of a set of twins doing things together at first, and then forming their own identity in the end.

The thing I don't understand is why the author killed one of them in the end. It was weird, killing one of the twins, and then having the spirit of that dead twin inhabit the body of the living for one full year. Was it just all within the head of the living twin, or was it really true, at least in the world of the novel? It didn't really make it clear, nor was it necessary in my opinion.

I suppose this is one novel in which stereotypical female readers would swoon about and like it. In fact, I can totally see my sister liking this one, but I simply cannot like it, not that I deliberately refrain from liking it, but I just do not see myself enjoying it. I give it 3 out of 5.

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