22 July 2009

Toilet Mummies

Do people take a dump in public? Most people do. Believe me, I also do it from time to time. People have their own defecation rhythms, and even though it may always involve doing the act before one leaves the house, chances are there have been times in the past when one is out of their homes and the urge to defecate comes along. I used to have the aversion to taking a public dump, since I am not too comfortable with using a public toilet (you never know how clean a Philippine public restroom is), but here, at least in the university, chances are that the restrooms are clean.

So, why is it that earlier today, when I entered the third floor men's restroom in Park Hall, that there was this one toilet bowl, fully mummified with toilet paper, just so that a person can sit on it?

See, the thing that irks me is that there are people who are so fearful of germs (mysophobia anyone?), that they use hand tissues to open doors and other objects that many random people touch, and they pile layer after layer of toilet paper on the toilet seat if they ever need to use it. I don't have an objection to those acts, since, after all, we all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies, and if one has the phobia of dirt and germs, then I can't really do anything about it.

However, the annoying thing is when people do not clean up their mess after they are done. How ironic is that? You pile up layer after layer of toilet paper on the toilet seat so that your pretty little pink ass doesn't come into contact with random germs from random people, and yet when you are done, and everything is flushed, including the dirtier substance such as your own poop, then you just leave the mummified toilet seat for everyone in the universe to see? I bet that the toilet seat just became messier than when it wasn't mummified for the sitting convenience of one person. It is so ironic that one person who is obsessed with cleanliness actually does something to make it unclean.

(Roosevelt and Dog, from my DC Memorials Series)


  1. I never understood women who do the "toilet mummy" thing just for peeing. Don't they know how to squat without touching the seat? I do it all the time!

    I think this fear of germs is mostly psychological. After all, most public bathroom (uni., work, malls) are very clean in Canada.

  2. Oh, by the way, still a few days to enter my contest (your biggest achievement). If you feel like participating, I'd love to read it!

  3. Good thing the guy left just toilet papers. In most public restrooms here, you'd see floating ebs. Some are even spilt on the floor. Yuck!

  4. Zhu,

    Squatting without touching the seat? I suppose women can learn it better than men, after all, women sit all the time. And yes, most public restrooms here in the USA are clean too.

    And yes, an entry is in the making for your contest.


    Hay naku totoo. If that were the case, then I totally understand the mummification process. After all, that's the reason why I never use public restrooms in Manila. Kung kailangang-kailangan I would find the nearest hotel in Makati or Ortigas. Hehe.