31 August 2009

Cold Already?

So, the semester begins and it's already cold. Sweater weather. Just like that. It's as if summer has immediately went away the moment classes started. Wow.

So I went to school today wearing my leather jacket. I thought I would not have to wear this for a few more weeks, but apparently that is not the case.

I left my house early today. My kitchen and bathroom is scheduled to be fumigated this morning, so we had to take things out of the cupboards and put them in the extra room that we had. So the house is a mess right now, but hopefully that would be solved in a few days.

I find it surprising and bizarre that the semester has just started, and yet my calendar immediately got filled. Just today, the first day of classes, I have lab, a meeting with my adviser, and a meeting with a co-author. All in one day. It makes my stress levels a little high, but I suppose I thrive in this. I find it way better than during mid-semester vacations, where I stare at the ceiling, read a book, do nothing, rinse, and repeat.

Aside from that, I have other stuff going on. A friend is staying over for a night this week, so I have to arrange that as well. I am heading down to Pittsburgh for a weekend sometime this month, and I need to go to New York City and Boston sometime next month, since my family is in the country. After all, the four of us haven't been in one place since May 2005, and I figure it is time to reset the clock.

Hopefully the weather would cooperate. It's getting cold here already, hopefully winter isn't too bad.

(N328KF, from my Air and Space Museum Series)


  1. Cold, really?

    The weather has been really nice here for the last few days, summer weather... finally.

    No doubt it will be cold soon though.

  2. Zhu,

    Well, perhaps I should quality that statement. After experiencing very high 80-90 degree temperatures, then 50-60 temperatures is cold. But I am pretty sure that after the winter and 50-60 degree temperatures come, then I would say that these are hot temperatures.