11 August 2009

Diverted Frustration and Artwork

So when I logged on to the Internet today to get my daily dose of world affairs, a strange piece of news got my attention. Apparently, a Russian woman hurled a ceramic cup at the Mona Lisa in the Musee Louvre in Paris. You can read the news here and here.

It seems that she was mad because she failed to get French nationality. And of course, one cannot attack physically the French government easily, so one attacks something else with easier access, such as the Mona Lisa.

Now, good old Mona is safe, since she is protected by a glass structure that is apparently bullet-proof. The woman, on the other hand, is arrested. I find it bizarre that people do things like these, and the news report also mentions other cases of weird behavior targeted on artwork, such as a woman kissing a painting and leaving lipstick, and things like that. I wonder what their constraints were.

But the thing is, I also had a history of diverted frustration. But not on paintings, but on animals. When I was little, there were times in which I cannot stand my sister, and I would get so mad at her. I wanted to hit her, but obviously, I cannot, since my parents would get mad, so I would hit the dogs instead. Somehow, that worked for me. The dogs would then yelp and hide from me. Yes, the good old times.

Anyway, I suppose this is enough for a dose of weirdness for the day. By the way, in case you were curious what I look like now, here is a photo of my new hairstyle. Oops, what hair style? There's no hair!

(The Rider, from my DC Memorials Series)


  1. Some day you'll hear a madman attack the statue of David with a hammer. Patay.

  2. Abaniko,

    Huwag naman!

    Speaking of attacking nude male statues, ever watched the play/movie The Shape of Things?

  3. Haven't seen The Shape Of Things. What is it all about?

  4. Abaniko,

    Oh, this movie is very profound. It deals with the definition of art, human relationships, and deception. It is the story of an graduate art student who starts dating a geeky guy. I don't want to give away what happens in the end, but you definitely have to see it. It's a Neil LaBute story, and I would totally recommend it.

  5. That's just... weird! Like did she actually went to the Louvre on purpose to do that??

  6. Zhu,

    You never know what people are thinking nowadays. For some, that may be the most rational decision.

  7. Some people get very expressive, some don't. I don't remember doing anything greater than banging my desk once. Hitting a dog? lol.... I'd never do that, I'm scared that the dog will bite...

  8. D,

    Well, we all have our outlets do we?

  9. D????
    Why does my name appear as "D" ? LOLOL

  10. Priyank,

    That was you? I thought someone was trying to troll. :-P