06 August 2009

I Need a Name

One of the things that I do to make the dissertation process more enjoyable is to do a running joke on it. I do plenty of tricks on myself, such as personifying my dissertation, using the Frankenstein metaphor, among other things. I suppose this is just the only way that works for me to make me move forward and not be bored with it.

Anyway, so I am now at Draft 3 with my dissertation proposal. That's a good thing. I am setting as a goal to finish Draft 3 before I leave for Seattle in two weeks. In that way, my adviser can read it while I am gone, and then give me comments when I get back. Then, it will be time to work again for Draft 4, which will then be given to the other members of my committee. Then the two of them will give me comments, and then I will revise it to become Draft 5, and that will be the version that I will defend.

In a way, I like the beauty of the scientific endeavor, there is this inherent beauty to it, how people check other people, and in that way, the contents are truthful as possible. I totally love this concept of replication.

I have been listening to Three Days Grace for quite some time now. I suppose I find listening to rock music somehow helps with the dissertation process. It's like subliminal listening, as I work with revising my prose, I listen to it. It may be the same principle how people listen to their iPods when they run for exercise.

Anyway, I need a name for my baby. My qualifying paper which was done a year ago was named Magnus. He was born safely, and filed away at this point. My dissertation already has Carmina Burana as a theme song, and all it needs is a name.

Let me look up the baby name books.

(Memorial Pillars, from my DC Memorials Series)


  1. You should find a female name, since we are so much smarter :$

    :D :D :D

  2. Zhu,

    Much smarter? I don't know about that.

    But a female name can indeed be interesting. I had a male name before, so I will probably pick a female name this time.

  3. Abaniko,

    Carmie Burie! I like that. Cute, and meaningful as well.