27 September 2009

4 Down 11 to Go

The semester is moving fast. Four weeks of the semester has just flew by, just like that. And surprisingly, things are being accomplished.

So, four weeks into the semester, what has happened so far? Well, my two IRB proposals have been approved, and one of the studies have been running since this week. I have been scheduling and conducting participant sessions since yesterday. The other one is in the works, and hopefully is ready to run in a couple of weeks or so.

My dissertation is moving as well. I have started regular meetings with my other committee members, and I have been synthesizing their ideas to generate the perfect hypothesis. Hopefully, that gets moving and that the proposal gets defended by this semester.

I will be out of town again for a week, starting this Wednesday. Whew. Somehow, I feel like I have a hectic schedule even though I only have one class that I am taking. I am working extra hard this week and the week after so that the missed days will be covered.

Anyway, the good thing is that my geek tendencies will be satisfied somewhat with this trip. I am adding two new airports to the list of total airports that I have visited. This trip will introduce New York City's LaGuardia Airport and Boston's Logan International Airport to my list, bringing the total airports I have passed to 42. This also means that I can maintain activity in my United Air Line's Mileage Plus account.

So what is this trip for? Well, my parents are in town. A family reunion is in store. I suppose since the last time the four of us has been in one room, it was back in May 2005, it is time to reset the clock. So yeah, there's a few family activities in store for the next week. I'll be armed with my camera and plan to shoot away.

(Old AA, from my Air and Space Museum Series)


  1. Great ! Enjoy your time with your parents !
    I am sure they will be happy to see you after such a long time !

  2. Enjoy family time then!

    I can't believe how fast time goes by. I was thinking that my first mid-term exam is coming soon now...

  3. Zhu,

    I will try to enjoy down time! Although I am not sure I can forget about the mid-semester worries that I have since it is after all, in the middle of the semester.

    And I hope you do good on your mid-term exams!