19 September 2009

The Garbage Plate

This is a garbage-plate-inspired post. This is also a scheduled post, since I am away from Buffalo, out of town, and in Pittsburgh for the weekend.

Anyway, what is the garbage plate? Apparently, there is this restaurant in Rochester, NY which serves this dish. In fact, even Wikipedia has an article about it. You can check out the restaurant's website here. I haven't been here myself, but I have seen variants here in Buffalo. Basically, it is a high-calorie and high-cholesterol dish, but perfect for the very hungry person. And there is just plenty of stuff that are unrelated to each other in there.

So, why is this a garbage plate? Because there are random topics in.

Topic 1: I just had another IRB protocol approved. I think I am becoming an expert in writing these study protocols. I just had my fourth protocol approved this afternoon, and a fifth one is currently being reviewed. Boy, I think I am good at this. Which makes me think that I am really glad that I discovered psycholinguistics. I like working at the lab setting. I like devising experiments that are carefully controlled and running them on people. It reminded me of the time when I was interviewed by someone from the Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society, back in 2005. I graduated magna cum laude and therefore was nominated to be part of this honor society before I left college. This lady asked me what I wanted to do next. I do remember mentioning my desire to head over to South Africa in order to study less-documented languages, and also to satisfy my fascination for Zulu. Come to think of it now, really? Me, a fieldworker? No, I don't think so.

Topic 2: I need a new routine for exercise. The weather is starting to be uncooperative with my early morning runs. Last Thursday, I wanted to go, but decided against it, since when I called the weather station, the current temperature was 49 degrees Fahrenheit. Very chilly. I need to rearrange my schedule so that I can go to the gym and exercise there. We'll see if that will actually happen.

Topic 3: The other day, I was able to meet a prominent scholar in my field. He was in town to give a cognitive science talk. While I was in the office of one of my committee members discussing the experiments that I am proposing in my study, he came in, because due to scheduling mishaps, different meetings overlapped with others. So he became part of the meeting I had with my committee member, and I ended up giving him a spiel of what I am doing. It turned out to be a good marketing practice. You know, the ability to talk about your work in 30 seconds, and later elaborating about it if necessary. And the good thing is, he thought that my study would be cool.

Topic 4: This coming Tuesday, there will be a Faculty Recital in campus, where a pianist who is a faculty member in the Music Department will be performing. The recital is free to UB students, and when I checked the program, it will feature works by Debussy (my favorite composer) and Chopin (my other favorite composer). I am looking forward to these works being performed because I used to play them myself back in the days, during a different lifetime.

Ok, garbage plate over. I will be back in Buffalo tomorrow.

(681NP, from my Air and Space Museum Series)


  1. I need to start a new way of exercising as well. I walked a lot all summer but I doubt I will do that much when it will be snowy and cold.

    If only I could find the time to do yoga again...!

  2. Zhu,

    Yes. That's why I am trying to arrange schedules with my gym buddy so that we can hit the gym at 6:00 AM! It's good to be exercising early while one's glucose level isn't high yet.