24 September 2009

Peeving my Pets

Yesterday, there were two instances in which my pets were peeved. And the fact that they both were witnessed within 10 minutes of each other makes it a little worse.

The first one has something to do with elevators. Given the fact that I have an office in the 6th floor of a 6-floor building, I use the elevators most of the time, especially when going up. Now, if you need an elevator, you better call the elevator by pushing the CORRECT button, depending on where you are headed. If you are in the 2nd floor, if you are heading up, then just press the UP button. Pressing the DOWN button will not do you any good. Yes, it will arrive as well, but it will head down and down alone if you press the DOWN button and you are actually heading UP. So yeah, before you decide to use an elevator, learn your spatial facts right first.

The second one has something to do with make-up and where to apply it. See, there's lockers in schools and universities, like my university as well. There are lockers in the locker rooms, and sometimes there are also lockers in the corridors of classrooms. Of course, people can put anything in the lockers, such as a small mirror. But the thing I find weird is that there are appropriate and inappropriate lockers to put a mirror and use that to apply make-up. If the locker is in a locker room in a gym, then sure, every person there is in a state of disarray and undress, so it is more or less okay to put make-up in front of one's locker in a locker room. However, if the locker is positioned in a public place, like in between classrooms, in front of offices in a university department, then is it okay to apply make-up while there are other people walking around, professionals, professors, and other people? I don't think so. Heck, there's a restroom just few paces away, so just take your make-up there and apply it there.

Sure, I usually say that I don't care what other people think, so if this person applies my thinking, then this person shouldn't really care. But, do you really want your professor to see how you put make-up?

(American Airlines Cabin, from my Air and Space Museum Series)


  1. Hmmm... you can also push on all the buttons ! ;-)

    I guess...some girls want the attention of the people passing by...

  2. Sidney,

    Hehe. I probably would refrain from doing that. It'll just delay the elevator, but it would be funny otherwise.

    I suppose that is indeed the case, but still, I think it's just a little weird.

  3. You know what you should do? Get in the elevator with that person (assuming they want to go to 6th floor), press all the buttons, and before the door closes, get out. You will be a bit late, but the amount of annoyance caused to the other person would be priceless. :) And makeup, eh, I don't understand why people think they look pretty with makeup on.

  4. Priyank,

    I need to have a sidekick for that plan. Because if I myself pushes all the buttons and then leave, then I won't be able to see the facial expression. On the other hand, if I have someone else push it, then I can observe the facial expression myself!

    I have nothing against make-up, but yes, they do have an aesthetic effect. The bad thing is when the made-up face and the bare face is miles apart.