15 October 2009

1000 Posts

Wow. I never knew that I now have more than 1000 posts here. I looked at my Control Panel in this blog, and it told me that I already have 1016 posts that are published. Granted, some of these posts are placeholders that serve as links for other posts, such as the ones that you see on the side, but still, I didn't realize that I now have more than 1000 posts!

This blog has accompanied me through my journey in graduate school. I started this blog when I was about to depart Manila and move to Buffalo back in July of 2005. I remember being excited, blogging about trip-planning, about how I was preparing for the trip and the whole enchilada, about how I was packing, finalizing my paperwork, weighing which items I would be bringing and which I would leave in the Philippines. I remember blogging about my ride, and about how life as a graduate student turned out to be. I blogged about my classes, my papers, my projects, my ups and downs in graduate school.

I also blogged about vacations and travel, which is a passion that I somehow developed over time. I blogged about places that I have been to, places that I have visited, places that I have given talks in, places that I have taken pictures of.

I also blogged about roommates and their good and bad traits, how they never clean, how they act like a pig, how they have very long hair that it ruined my vacuum cleaner, how they never seemed to have a sense of responsibility, and how my current roommates seem to be the best ones so far that I seem to be the messiest in the house.

I also blogged about certain dilemmas that I faced, how I finally learned how to use my own head and think for myself, how I got so close to the edge of snapping and getting a nervous breakdown, how I abandoned belief in religion since it doesn't make sense, how the desire to be pragmatic and practical made me undergo a paradigm shift and change my outlook in life altogether, and due to this I lost friends and gained some.

So, 4 and a half years and 1000 posts later, where do I find myself? I am still here, near the end of the graduate career that I currently am treading, and a year and a half away from graduation. I am finished with my coursework, and mostly am busy with research on my own projects and with projects that I am collaborating with other people. I just came out of my adviser's office this afternoon, with a happy face, since it seems that I have convinced him that my story makes sense and that it is worth pursuing, and that I am not talking shit. That is always a good thing: one should be able to convince one's adviser that one is not insane.

Some people commented that I am melancholy at times. I suppose this is due to the fact that I still have no clear income source after this semester, at this point. I have been job-hunting here and there, and so far there are denials. I seem to be over-qualified at most spots that I apply for. Either I am over-qualified for a position because all they want is a person with simply a bachelor's degree, or I am under-qualified since the position requires a PhD and I don't have it yet. Too bad there aren't a lot of happy medium positions lying around. Life sucks, I realize that. But that is also reality, and there is nothing I can do about it. Hopefully, there is something good that comes my way.

Anyway, if I always dwell on these depressing thoughts, I will just be depressed. That's why I am celebrating with the passage of my 1000th post. For that, I am happy. There's always tomorrow, and with tomorrow are surprises. Who knows, that surprise might be a good one.

(Tall Pillars, from my Lafayette Square Series)


  1. Hey great work LIW! Keep on blogging. And good luck with finishing your studies. Malapit na!

  2. Toe,

    Salamat. Malapit na nga, kaunting kayod pa.

  3. Congratulations!

    I admire the few bloggers who keep on blogging, most people get sick of it after a while when they realize it doesn't make you famous or rich ;-)

    My last post was my 400th actually. Just realized it. Gosh, I'm a baby compared to you! ;-)

  4. hi, new here. congratulations in reaching 1000th post.

    it is truly melancholic to be away from the motherland to pursue a dream but it will be worth the wait.

  5. Zhu,

    Thank you! I know. I have tried adding stuff in here to make "money" but somehow it just frustrated me. I decided to stick to my main purpose for this blog, that is, to be a storage for my mental vomit.


    Thank you and welcome! I really hope that it will be worth the wait. It's an investment that hopefully will turn out well.

  6. Congratulations Jeruen! It is not an easy feat to keep blogging for years, and in a consistent, frequent manner. I applaud your dedication especially since you intend to do this for personal enjoyment but in the process you give a couple of take aways for your readers! We may never have LIW memoirs for year 6, but I'm sure even after you are officially a Linguist, you'll still keep us entertained.

  7. Priyank,

    Oh, at this point, I still don't have plans to stop blogging after I graduate and get my degree. The thing is, I do think that the "in-waiting" part of my moniker is adaptable enough that I can always be construed as waiting for something else. At this point, there are still plans for Year 6.