07 October 2009

Fine Art and Harvard Yard

So, the second full day in Boston was rain. Rain, and lots of it. So, in order to avoid the torrents, we decided to head to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and get our fix of "culture" as they say it (note the scare quotes).

The place is huge, but there were plenty of interesting paintings and sculpture that one can see. I especially liked the Mediterranean sculpture, such as the ones from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. I also liked the huge paintings of the ancient masters, unfortunately, they display it so high up the wall that I cannot photograph them properly.

After spending a few hours in the museum, I separated from my folks and went ahead to Massachusetts General Hospital to meet a friend. We then went to Harvard University and walked around the place. I loved the campus: it is very old, very brick, and very red. I took pictures of the whole campus, and went ahead daydreaming what it would be like to reside, study, or work inside one of those buildings.

Anyway, after that, my friend and I went out to eat, by strolling over to the North End. This is the Italian enclave of Boston, and we went to this pizza place where for just 20 bucks, we got a large pizza with two drinks. Those were fun times.

So yeah, the rain didn't hold us back. It was fun, and hopefully the fun goes on tomorrow.

(Off-Limits Building, from my Lafayette Square Series)


  1. Harvard... what a symbol! I'd feel smarter just walking around :-)

  2. Zhu,

    Hehe. Indeed, the whole place had a very intellectual feel to it. The only thing that I didn't like was that it seemed it was a tourist trap with all the tourists in there. Oops, I was one of them too.