06 October 2009

The Freedom Trail

So the first full day of my tour of Boston was spent walking the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a path that cuts through downtown Boston, showcasing 16 historical sites. We started from the Boston Common and ended at the USS Constitution (the Bunker Hill Monument was already closed by the time we were finished with the battleship).

We began in the Boston Common, where we saw several monuments. Then, we visited the Granary Burying Ground, the first of the three cemeteries that we visited today. We also entered the Massachusetts State House, and toured the inside. The inside was very ornate, and I took plenty of pictures.

King's Chapel and the Burying Ground was also visited, the second cemetery. Then come several small sites, like the Ben Franklin statue and the Old City Hall, Old Corner Bookstore and Old South Meeting House. Unfortunately, Faneuil Hall was closed for renovations.

We had lunch in Quincy Market, which is this amazing set of food from various locations. Of course, I had my fix of seafood with fried oysters on a roll. Boy I love oysters.

After that, we continued on to Paul Revere House, and saw the oldest house in Boston. Old North Church was next, and so was the Copp's Hill Burying Ground, the third and final cemetery in the trail. Finally, we crossed the bridge to Charlestown (a neighborhood of Boston) and visited the USS Constitution, the oldest battleship that is still afloat.

Dinner was in this very swanky Moroccan restaurant called Tangierino. Boy, this is one swanky place. I had a great tagine of eggplant and goat cheese as an appetizer, and my lamb shank was so awesome it melted in my teeth. I didn't get wine, but I got a cocktail instead, which made me tipsy somehow. It was a little on the high end (our bill for three people went a little over 200 USD, with each one having an appetizer and a main course, plus a bottle of wine and a cocktail, a dessert, and tea and coffee), but it is one great place to impress a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/husband/wife. If you are in town and want to splurge a little, go for it. Just bring a flashlight if you are not good in the eyes.

After that, and the alcohol in my system, we headed back to the hotel. Day One is now over. The next day will have its own adventure.

(Interior with Plant, from my Lafayette Square Series)


  1. Cheers! ;) Boston must be beautiful at this time of year LIW!

  2. Moroccan food is somewhat always expensive in North America. It's much cheaper and more common in Europe... I love it!

    I'd love to explore Boston, it's supposed to be a lovely city.

  3. Toe,

    Hello! How have you been?


    I suppose it is. I don't find any Moroccan restaurants here. There are Mediterranean restaurants, but they aren't the same. And yes, if you have the chance, explore Boston. I fell in love with it.