04 November 2009

The Ear Blaster

Kids these days...

Almost everyone now has some sort of music player that they carry around and plug in their ears with an earphone. I wonder why. Why is it that the modern person has the need to carry around some music and listen to it all the time?

The kids here in campus listen to it while they walk from one building to another. Geez, walking from one end of the campus to the other doesn't even take 10 minutes, does that time frame require a song or two? As if silence is so oppressive that people do everything they can to prevent silence.

Earlier today, while I was in the male restroom, I was standing in front of a urinal relieving myself. Two urinals away was this guy, with his ears plugged. But even I could hear the music that was playing. It was playing that loud that I can actually distinguish the melody of the song. Wow. Why do they need to play it that loud? Are their eardrums malfunctioning that they need to be boomed with that loud of a sound so that the eardrum can effectively transmit the signal to their brain? Or maybe their brain is the one that is malfunctioning, since it may be the case that the brain cannot interpret the sound signals if they are soft, so the brain wants it to be loud? In any case, I find it extremely ludicrous that people listen to music that loud that even though it was playing through the earphones, other people who ARE NOT WEARING IT can hear them too!

Kids these days...

(Big-Breasted God, from my Sackler and Freer Collection Series)


  1. Tell me about it! My everyday subway trip, already a noisy commute, is exacerbated from loud music coming off from earphones just one shoulder away from me.I won't be surprised if more people in the future will be visiting audiologists and hearing specialists.

  2. I swear that I don't understand it either. Deafness, tinnitus and earworms must be on the rise because of iPods and mp3s.

    Well, at least they don't bring around those big radios anymore disturbing everyone else (or do they?).

  3. TNP,

    I know. My colleague who does research in speech perception in consonant sounds conducted an experiment last summer, and he had to throw away some participants because their hearing just was so bad that they cannot even differentiate the differences between "pig" and "big" in headphones!


    Ah, I remember those boomboxes. Back in the 80's-90's, right? When people would just walk around with the boomboxes on their shoulders blasting horrible music in the streets.

  4. I feel the same!

    Although kids in Ottawa seem to be more into phones. I was given a brand new BlackBerry by my job and was very proud of it (bragging, I know!)... till I realized all the kids had one at uni. and NOT paid for by work like mine. Weird. I wouldn't spend that much in a personal phone...

  5. Zhu,

    I know what you mean. I mean, do people really need all the applications that those phones have? For me, when I need a phone, I will just buy a phone. If I need a camera, I will buy a camera, not a phone with a camera.