19 November 2009

Getting Carded

Even though I have been living in the United States for quite some time now, it still presents interesting and head-scratching occasions. Like the event of getting carded, for example.

Most of the time, I expect to be carded whenever I would be purchasing alcohol. Say, ordering a drink in a bar or a restaurant for example, or buying wine in a liquor store. However, these are inconsistent. Sometimes, I get carded, sometimes I do not. In occasions where I expected to get carded, for example, when I bought a Riesling for a dinner a couple of weeks ago, I was expecting to get carded simply because it was a liquor store. But I didn't get carded.

On the other hand, while in Boston a month ago, I was dining with my parents, and they ordered a bottle of wine while I ordered a mixed drink. I got carded.

I am 27, thank you very much.

Another occasion, which was more than two years ago. I was in the supermarket. I bought cooking white wine, because I needed it for a recipe. Unfortunately, I didn't have my ID with me. I showed the cashier the recipe, and how all I purchased corresponded to the ingredients, and I also told her that if I wanted to chug a bottle of wine, I would buy real wine, not COOKING WINE, which was explicitly labeled in the bottle that I had. I was able to purchase it without ID.

Then I get carded for purposes other than buying alcohol as well. The other day, I was buying cold medicine, because I caught the cold for the second time this semester. I had to prove that I was over 18, since apparently, the cold medicine had dextromethorphan, and that was restricted to purchases by people over 18. I then got a piece of paper saying they were controlling the sale of this drug to prevent cold medicine abuse by teens.

Right. I guess it works, but still I find it a little absurd. Oh well, what can I do?

(Holocaust Fire, from my DC Buildings Series)


  1. It's the first time I've heard of the term "getting carded". Hey, you should be happy, at 27, you still look like a teen-ager. :)

  2. You are 27... and you get carded...you must have a baby fac ! ;-)
    I envy you !

  3. I don't think I have ever been carded for alcohol, but I rarely by any.

    Cigarettes, once in a while. Some store have this automated message that say "provide ID" when the cashier rings the pack. I have also been carded when I was wearing relaxed clothes (like on a Sunday), such as teeshirt and jeans.

    I found it weird at first, got used to it.

  4. 8 years ago right after arriving in the US, I like it a lot when bouncers check us for ID's before entering bars/clubs in NYC - it made me feel young even if I'm so past 18 at the time ha ha ha!

  5. Toe,

    I know, I just think of it as a compliment that people think I am young.


    I dunno about baby faced, but hey, if people think I am young, all the better, eh?


    Yeah, it is weird, but sometimes, the most unexpected things prompt you to be carded, like buying medication for example.


    Perhaps Caucasians just don't have a sense of age when it comes to Asians, that's why we get carded all the time!