05 November 2009


No, the next word isn't going to be Mary.

Anyway, the first snow of the season was today. In an atypical fashion, it snowed here in Buffalo after Halloween. People say that it usually snows at least once before Halloween, and for the past few years it has been true, but for this year, it didn't happen. But today, well, the forecast yesterday was that it will snow today, and sure enough, even for a brief period, it did.

I was in my office, and then the sky suddenly became dark. The clouds all came in, and then hail fell. There's these little balls of ice that fell from the sky, and they crowded the window sills. They fell and fell, as if the sky was one giant ice cube maker.

Then it transitioned to snow. The flakes descended, and they coated the ice cubes with this white frosting, but sure enough, for the first snow of the season, it was brief and fleeting, and the sky suddenly turned blue again and there was the sun.

(Lord Ganesh, from my Sackler and Freer Collection Series)


  1. Yuck, hail can be quite dangerous.

    We are having a few flurries here too... shouldn't last (yet) though.

  2. Wow, how the things that fall from the sky change so fast... and then the sun!

  3. If I'd be in Buffalo by that time and experiencing snow for the first time, that fleeting moment will come across as too surreal!

  4. Zhu,

    Yes, it can be. Two years ago, I saw some big-ass hail here, and my friend's car got damaged since the roof of the car had large bumps.


    I know! It was quite fascinating watching it from my office window.


    Even though I have been here for quite a while now and have seen plenty of weather variations, what I saw this time was still surreal!