20 January 2010

Cavalier Cooking

One of the reasons I like cooking more than baking is because I can be impromptu and cavalier about it. Unlike baking, one does not need to be precisely exact in measurements when it comes to cooking. One can modify things on the fly, and add things if necessary.

So today, I made pasta. I bought oyster mushrooms, a jar of alfredo sauce, fresh dill weed, onions, and penne. What I did was saute the minced onions and oyster mushrooms until they were tender, and then I added the chopped dill weed and one-half teaspoon of nutmeg. I also added a half of a jar of olives that I still had in my refrigerator. Finally, when everything seemed cooked, I added the jar of alfredo sauce, and rinsed the jar with a little milk, and added that as well. Finally, I added salt and pepper to the sauce.

Now, when I eat this, I would sprinkle a little grated Parmesan cheese. That would be awesome. I like oyster mushrooms a lot, they are meaty, heavy, and yet exotic. So there you have it, a meatless pasta in cream sauce.

(Balancing Act, from my Hirschhorn Museum Series)


  1. Sounds good...no picture of the final results?

    Mushrooms are very healthy !

    Looks like we are missing a glas of red wine here to make it parfect.

  2. Sidney,

    Unfortunately, my camera was unavailable at that time. Next time I will plan this better. And yes, I agree that a glass of wine would do well as a pairing, but I am not a big wine fan; it gives me terrible hangovers.

  3. I often cook meatless pasta with plenty of veggies. I don't really feel the need to eat meat, but I crave steak like once a year.

    I rarely bake... I like to cook best.