09 January 2010

Razorblades and Sprays

Now that my office is at home, and that is where I am spending most of my time now, there isn't the big pressure to dress up. I know, this is a vain post, I supposed I am allowed to do this once in a while.

Anyway, when my rhythmic daily activities consisted of going to school because my office is there, I would always shave (daily with the exception of head hair which was done every three days), take a shower, and spray on some fragrance before I head out. Now that I am working from home, things are a little different.

The thing is, this home office thing is a little different, and I am trying out new dimensions of self-discipline. I am getting a lot of work done, thankfully, but I am becoming more lax when it comes to my habits. Yes, I still shower every day (what do you guys think, no I am not becoming a sloth), but shaving is getting to the point where I only do it when I am getting out of the house. So I look at the mirror in the morning sometimes and think, wow, I look a little older.

Well, given my genetic make-up, the goatee is the only possible style I can sport. Blah, I don't want it, it's additional hassle. But for a brief moment, while looking at myself at the mirror, I do like the rough look. Oh, that's a little Narcissistic of me.

I perhaps will slow down in my cologne consumption as well. Since what is the point of smelling good using some liquid that's made in France if you're the only one smelling it? Not that I bathe in it. But I have to say, I am good with respect to my olfactory sense. I could name a cologne if I smell it on the street if I have recognized it in the past. And for that reason I don't want to wear fragrances that everyone wears. For that, I am glad that I didn't get Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, and thankfully I already finished my bottle of Cool Water by Davidoff. Oh well, what did I know back then?

Okay, vain post over.

(Firefox?, from my Hirschhorn Museum Series)


  1. In Canada, quite a few places (such as official buildings, gov't workplaces and university) are fragrance-free because apparently some people have allergies.

    Weird, eh?

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure Eau de COLOGNE is not French but German lol

  2. Zhu,

    Interesting, so some workplaces actually ban the use of colognes? And yes, I know that Cologne (Koeln) is in Germany, but fragrance products such as colognes and perfumes are mostly made in France, such as the ones that I use. It's the same principle as the Panama hat!

  3. Yes, I know ;-) Just funny though. And in French, eau de cologne is often called eau de toilette, which most people translate as "toilet water" :-D

  4. Zhu,

    Ah, toilet water, how could I forget that!