03 February 2010

I Need Two Bodies

Today was such an exciting day. Well, the excitement actually started yesterday, but it extended mainly to today.

Well, the thing is, I had an epiphany yesterday, with respect to the research that I have been doing. I cannot tell the whole thing here, for fear that someone might catch the idea and publish it before me, but it basically consists of finding that nobody has done what I wanted to do in my topic, but plenty of people have done something similar in a totally different topic. Thus, I can make analogies from a totally unrelated discipline to my own, thus making a generalization that might shake the way we see how things work.

It's like, say you're a neurosurgeon, and you were trying to find a way of doing something with your field, but found that nobody else has tried it before you. That makes you skeptical, but you notice that people specializing in culinary arts for example has done something popular in their field, and that you think you can apply the principles they have in such an unrelated field, therefore drawing analogies.

I know, I can't say much here, but needless to say, I am excited. I have ran my story on several people, both on people in the department who work on my field and those that don't, and they all tell me that it is a neat idea. So at least I am getting feedback that aren't telling me that I have a crazy idea.

Aside from that, it seems that we got permission to run our experiments in another lab. Thus, I have spent the rest of this evening amending the legal aspects of the research, revising the formal documents that allow us to collect human data in the first place. I then sent copies of those to my collaborators and my mentor so they can read it and see if there are bugs that I haven't caught. If it is all clear, then we'll go ahead and send it to the reviewers, so we can perform the amendment as soon as possible. Thus, hopefully, we can go ahead and finish the data collection. And after this, all we need is sit in front of the computer and run the statistics. And then we have something to write up.

Sometimes, I wonder at the amount of correspondence I get in my email inbox. I get so many emails every day from students, experiment participants, adviser, collaborators, and so on. But I like the excitement. I like this, I prefer this than stagnation at least. I can feel that my brain is working. That's a good thing.

Oh, before I end this post. This is the beginning of my Library of Congress Series. I know, I suppose people are sick of my Washington DC photos by now. But don't lose hope. I only have one more series from DC after this one.

(The Library, from my Library of Congress Series)


  1. Good for you! Who knew February was a month to get an epiphany!

    Did you look like House when he finally finally what's wrong with a patient? ;-)

  2. Zhu,

    Haha! I know exactly what you refer to when you mentioned House. Perhaps that's exactly what I looked like.