04 March 2010

Almost There

This week has been an exciting week given my academic progress. I have met with my primary adviser, and he says that we can defend the proposal in 6 weeks. Yay! We are aiming for a mid-April date, and so I am doing my final preparations for that meeting, such as revising and producing a final draft, and giving it to all three members of my committee.

I have met my adviser and one other committee member this week, and they both buy the story I am arguing for. Good. That's two down, then all I need to do is meet with the third member and make sure that I am not doing something stupid. But, given that two of the three committee members approve of my story, chances are I am not doing something stupid indeed.

So yeah, I am excited, and stressed, as this is indeed a pressure moment. But hey, life is good, and it is worth blogging about.

Oh, I started my last series of photos from Washington DC, starting from the previous post. I promise, once I am done with Capitol Hill, the photos will come from somewhere else aside from Washington DC. I am sick of it too.

(Well Entrance, from my Capitol Hill Series)

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