09 March 2010

The Cabal

Later this week, I will be trekking down to New York City to attend the annual cabal of people having similar interests to mine. I just saw the program and the abstracts of the presentations and posters that will be featured, and so I got excited and made it a point to find and talk to several people that I would otherwise not have a chance to talk to.

So yeah, I am getting ready to pack my stuff, as I will be flying again. I travel light, so I don't have luggage to check in. After all, one pays for check-in luggage here in the US, and they don't even guarantee that your luggage will be with you when you get to your destination.

Anyway, I don't have a presentation in this cabal, unlike 2 years ago, in North Carolina. However, the fact that the cabal is pretty close, within the state that I am currently in, and also the fact that I have a free place to stay since my sister lives in Manhattan, and also the fact that they have free tutorials for students on neurolinguistic methods (methods on how to probe into your brain while the brain is processing language), then I figured it would be very beneficial if I took a little time off and attend this session. I attended it once 2 years ago in North Carolina, since I had a presentation, but I skipped last year, as I didn't have a presentation and that it was far, it was in California. This time, it was pretty close. I suppose this is one such conference that I can see myself attending every time it is held.

So yeah, I'll be in the Big Apple this coming week. I am also meeting a few old friends along the way, as I suppose a chance to see old friends from Manila and Guam doesn't come so often.

(US Capitol Building, from my Capitol Hill Series)

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