12 March 2010

Downtime in Providence

Oh man, I was exhausted these past few days. Mentally speaking that is.

It has something to do with this dissertation proposal. Well, I think I had a final draft, but I had it as a goal to finish it by this week, so that I can hand it to my adviser for him to read while he is out of town next week. Then he will come back, I will revise it, and then give it to both of my other committee members to read. And then hopefully I get to defend it by then.

That places me about 5 weeks from now.

Yes, that means, I might probably be officially an ABD in 5 weeks time.

So yeah, I wanted to finish that draft, which is so different by the way from the form it had last summer, and yes, yesterday, I finished it.

I guess the hardest part of writing a dissertation, at least, for me, is the idea of the top-down model of research. The hardest endeavor for me in this one was coming up with a big picture, coming up with a story of my own, a theory in sorts, because the proposal I had back in the summer was just a collection of ideas for experiments, but they weren't tied together by a big picture. Now, they are.

But I have to say, it is indeed mentally taxing. So, I am so glad that I can finally enjoy Spring Break, and this weekend, doing nothing for the next few days.

I am heading to New York City later, but I am making a stop in Providence, Rhode Island. I am flying to Providence later tonight, and I will be staying with an old friend of mine. I haven't seen her in a while, so it's nice to catch up. The weather forecast says that there is a rainstorm this weekend, which means that we might just be staying in, which is good too, since for once, I want to do nothing, just nothing. Recharge.

So I will be with her during the weekend, and then by Monday I will take the train to New York City. It will be a week full of psycholinguistic fun and fanfare!

(Fountain View, from my Capitol Hill Series)


  1. Enjoy your holidays, look like you deserve them.

    Our spring break was the second week of February, a waste. I don't know why it's so early in Canada... I was working so it didn't really make any difference to me.

  2. Zhu,

    I know, it is a waste. I suppose that's why people just go to places somewhere warmer and escape the winter weather. But I suppose most of us just stay put and therefore it goes to waste.

  3. Spring break = teenagers in shopping malls.

    Glad you took the holiday, looks like the ordeal is going to be tiresome.

  4. Priyank,

    I am glad I had downtime too. It was very useful in a mental sort of way.