15 March 2010


So, I was watching a couple of episodes of the current Amazing Race season. And I cannot tire of being amazed at how people act when under pressure.

First, people get dehydrated. I suppose that's a natural occurrence, when you are in a hectic pace and you just have one goal in mind, to reach the finish line. And you forget to drink, and so you have to get to a hospital and get an IV drip.

Then, people sometimes resort to faith in order to accomplish tasks. There was a team who needed to lasso a decoy bull in order to get the next clue. They had to do a cowboy type maneuver in roping the bull, and then pulling it. The team cannot perform it for the longest time, so the person doing it decided to tell her teammate to pray for her. And so the other teammate did, and guess what? It worked. They were able to lasso the thing. They shouted Jeeeeessssssuuuuuusssss!

Wow. Classic case of the fallacy most known as post hoc ergo propter hoc.

And then people just stop being logical. They throw temper tantrums, they don't read the clues, and they just start acting stupid.

And what is it with Miss Teen South Carolina always worrying about whether everyone in the whole wide world still thinks she is stupid? If she is really worried, then start acting like you aren't dumb!

Somehow, this season doesn't give me a good I am rooting for this team! feeling. But perhaps that is the goal of the current season, to make it so unpredictable by having all these teams that are so heterogeneous that none stands out as a sure win.

(Details, from my Capitol Hill Series)


  1. I stopped watching lately because these people were so annoying - they don't deserve to travel the world.

  2. Zhu,

    I know, it seems they lack travelers IQ. However, for the show's purposes, I think it was purposely made that way, so that viewers would be annoyed and engaged at the show. After all, if the teams were just super straight-faced drama-free racers, then the race would not have its funny and annoying moments.

    I still watch it for the scenery though, I always like seeing ideas for future travel locations.

  3. I think that the recent seasons of Amazing Race have have seen an increase in the "reality" aspect and decrease in the "travel" aspect. The actual travels might have increased, but the positioning of the show has changed for sure....

  4. Priyank,

    I agree. After all, it's been 16 seasons now, so the travel has always been travel, but the people change. There's more focus on the group dynamics than the scenery. I think some destinations also get a little repetitive, like the fact that they will visit China yet again in the current season.