14 March 2010


So I am in Rhode Island.

A few days before this, I was telling the ninja that I feel like I am not excited for this trip, when I feel like I should be. I mean, hello, this will be the first time I would be using Providence's T. F. Green Airport, and that means I will be adding that to my collection of airports that I have passed. But somehow, I felt I wasn't excited.

Anyway, the ninja told me that maybe it is because I had so many things to do the days before, and I didn't even plan anything to do in Providence. I had been very busy with my dissertation the few days leading to the trip, that I didn't even make any plans, I didn't even allow myself to be excited because I never made plans to do things to be excited.

But, here I am, and so far I am liking my stay. I like the fact that I don't have to think for a while. I like the fact that I am just here in the house, chatting for hours, talking about us and friends, remembering about things past in a way that Proust would be proud of. And somehow, for once, I see the value of just being in a place that I haven't been to, and just spending downtime, eating breakfast in a local diner, fixing my friend's shower curtain and toilet, cooking in her kitchen, and doing other mundane things. I've finished reading a book that has nothing to do with my research or academia, and I am halfway through another one.

Sometimes, the brain needs a rest. And this weekend is definitely one such occasion.

(Under the Dome, from my Capitol Hill Series)


  1. So you are eating your little "madeleine de Proust"? ;-) That's good. Take time to relax, looks like you deserve it.

  2. Zhu,

    Basically yes. After all, I haven't seen her for about 15 years now.