28 April 2010

End of Semester

Ah, the semester finally ended. Classes ended last Monday, and now, things are rather more relaxed. That's good.

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, I only have about three weeks before I leave for Manila, so that is coming up really soon. I also need to look for a new roommate, as one of my two roommates are leaving. He is graduating and heading back to India by the end of May. So his room will be empty soon, and we need to find someone to take his place.

I have a series of meetings this week, as due to the fact that classes are over, research is in full bloom. Thus, I have been meeting with my collaborators for abstract preparations, next moves, research agenda, and other stuff. There's lots of cool stuff that are on the drawing board.

I also welcomed my tenth Lonely Planet book. Yes, I bought my very own copy of Lonely Planet Philippines. This is in order to rectify the jaw-dropping fact that I haven't really explored my own country yet. So yes, I have my LP Philippines, and I have used it to plan a week-long trekking trip to the northern mountainous area of the country, as I plan to visit the rice terraces and headhunters up north. Just me and my backpack. If you want to see what I am planning to visit, google pictures of Banaue Rice Terraces and you'll see.

(Lost Carolinians, from my University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Series)

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