24 April 2010

Silence is Golden

I never realized that I haven't been blogging lately. But then, I had a pretty good reason to not do so.

Well, the semester is wrapping up here. There are plenty of things that have to be done, and so I had to prioritize. Anyway, there's only one more day of class this coming Monday, and the semester would be over.

So, what is in store for me in the following days?

I still have to attend this one last class this Monday, and I will be giving an exam to my students. Then, I need to grade that and then my obligations for that class will be over.

I also successfully passed my dissertation proposal defense. That means that last Wednesday, my four committee members and me were in a room, and we all discussed what my dissertation was going to be about. I need to tweak things, mostly, the fact that the current state of my research agenda is a little wide and shallow, and they thought that it would be better for it to be a little narrow and deep. They said that the other things that I am interested in the dissertation proposal as they saw it can be investigated once I finish the dissertation. I can focus on a smaller subset of things and then beef them up.

That's a good thing. That means I am setting aside a few of my proposed experiments for the moment, and strengthening the ones that remain. I also need to make my model more explicit than it is right now. That's basically my summer agenda.

I also am revising a paper that I submitted for publication. I have about a month to do this, so that will be in the near vicinity as well.

Also, I am about to start drafting the text for another paper that I will submit for publication, together with 3 other co-authors. I have a meeting about this next week.

Then, I have to look at two abstracts for submission, for a conference in September. One is already drafted, and since I am just the second author for this one, I don't have much to do. But the other is one in which I am the first author, so I need to work on that one.

I also have just about a couple of weeks remaining before I head back to Manila for 5 weeks. Somehow, I am excited already. I decided to give myself a little break, by planning a trekking adventure to the Philippine Cordilleras for a week. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. When I travel, I prefer traveling in a small yet dense region, rather than zooming here and there traveling all over the place, just wasting my time with bus rides and flights. So this time, I am just concentrating on the mountains in northern Philippines. I find it embarrassing that I am a Filipino, and yet I haven't actually frolicked in the places in my own country in which I can frolic, and yet I have traipsed other faraway places in the planet. So I plan to rectify that this summer.

So yeah, that's my summer plans, and life is good. I am now officially an ABD, and graduation is one step closer than before. Yeah!

(South Building, from my University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Series)


  1. Does it take you long to grade papers? Do you consider it a chore? Just curious!

  2. Zhu,

    It depends. If it is simply multiple choice, then I just do it mechanically, recognizing the pattern on the paper and zooming through it. If it is an essay exam, then that is harder, because I need to read through it.