08 May 2010



Classes are out, and every day seems to be the same as the next.

I hate this.

I hate the fact that the routine is gone. I hate the fact that I can know that it is a Tuesday since I have a lab meeting on Tuesday. Or that it is a Friday because I have two hours of lab duty on Fridays. Now that the semester is officially out, every day seems to be the same.

And yet, there are things that I need to do. Such as revising a paper for publication, writing a second paper for publication, writing abstracts for conference submissions, and so on. So, in short, it still is supposed to be hectic, and yet there aren't any temporal milestones in the day and week that would mark it.

Oh well.

Perhaps it also is because people have been leaving town already. Some of my friends have already left: one left for Taipei on the 5th, and three left for Chicago, Berlin, and Barcelona on the 6th. Another is leaving for the Yucatan in Mexico on the 17th, and I will leave on the 18th.

So, what are the priorities I have? Well, I still have to work on stuff that I need to discuss with people, while I am here. I also am in the process of searching for a new roommate, since one of the two roommates I currently have are leaving. One already saw the apartment the other day, and so far, we didn't like him. So hopefully, another one gets to inquire, and let's hope this one is decent.

(Iron Reading Couple, from my University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Series)


  1. Ah, you are suffering from university withdrawal, already? :-D

    This is the same to do the stuffs you never have time to do. Discover new restaurants, read books, sort out the priorities and it will be fine.

  2. You are the first one I hear complaining about vacations :-0

  3. Zhu,

    That is true. In fact, I am traveling in a few days. That should be fun enough.


    Oh no, I am not complaining about vacations. I am complaining about the lack of routine in vacations! In fact, whenever I travel, I micro-plan everything, so that there is a timetable and schedule that I will follow!