17 May 2010


The past few days were rather blah. Nothing big has happened. Well, I am a day before a big trip, so it was more like the quiet before an adventure.

I already finished everything I needed to do and take care of before embarking on the trip. I have all the documents ready, I have a new roommate that is moving in while I am away, I have met with all the professors that I needed to meet, I also met with all the collaborators that I am working with before I go on my way, I paid the bills and rent, and I finished packing.

But the problem is, I was becoming bored in my house, that I decided to go out. In fact, I even went to the university to walk around just to not be bored. Right now, I am writing this in the library.

Oh well, what next? I am having dinner with a friend tonight, because there's no more food in the house (yes, I scheduled that to actually happen, so that I don't have any leftovers in the fridge). Then tomorrow, I leave for Asia. Fun times.

(People and Pigeons, from my Bogotá, Colombia Series)


  1. Have a great trip! Hopefully you'll be able to update your blog from there.

  2. Zhu,

    Thanks! I will definitely try to blog from Asia as much as I can!