14 May 2010


With only a few days remaining from the day I depart Buffalo and be out of town for a few weeks, there are a couple of things that I needed to attend to and take care of. So sometimes, I find myself running around dealing with errands, and somehow that can become tiring at times.

So, let me see what has been done already.

The biggest agenda I have is my visa renewal. For that, I already attended to filling out the three forms that were needed: DS-156, DS-157, DS-158. I had them done in duplicate, a few weeks ago, only to check the embassy's website and see that the requirements have been changed. Apparently, the visa application submission is done online now, using the new form DS-160. So I did that the other day. I printed a confirmation form in duplicate.

I originally planned to take a photo once I get back to Manila, as it is cheaper to do it there, but apparently, the DS-160 can only let me proceed if I have a digital copy of my photo. So I had to go to the photo shop and get my picture taken. I then scanned it and uploaded it, only to be told that they couldn't determine that my photograph follows the requirements, which is odd because the place where I took it actually processed US passports and visas, so they know the requirements. That means I have to submit a real hardcopy photo when I do the interview.

So, with the DS-160 form submitted, and a photo pending to be taken once I get back, all I need to do is to pay the thing. I need to do that before I show up for my appointment. That's easy enough to do. After that, just do the visa interview, and hope that nothing would go wrong.

Next big thing on the agenda is the things that I need to bring back to family. I am the courier of the family for this time, and this time, I am bringing back several stuff, like coffee beans, travel guidebooks, cling wrap, potholders, and so on. Don't ask. Love works in mysterious ways. I already have everything I need to send home out in the open, and my suitcase is already open ready to be filled. I am bringing back stuff that I don't use anymore, such as broken shoes, and I am sure someone else is more than willing to receive them and after a little fix, it would be worth wearing again.

I am also bringing home some work. I need to attend to that, and I have met the people I need to meet before I leave. Then, once I leave, everything will be done via email. I already had one abstract submitted: my co-author already submitted it for us. So that leaves just another abstract to be finalized and submitted before the deadline, which is at the end of the month.

Whew. This summer feels like it's going to be hectic, I can sense it.

Oh, it is time for a celebration. I am starting a new photo series today, and these are my photos from my trip back in 2008 in Colombia. Actually, I didn't actually have Bogota as my itinerary: only due to the fact that I had a 9 hour lay-over in Bogota El Dorado International Airport did I decide to get out of the airport and actually see the city for the little time that I had. This collection of pictures chronicles what I saw during those 9 hours. I would love to come back and see it properly next time.

And yes, I know I have a 2-year delay in showcasing my photos. Get over it.

(Performance Art, from my Bogotá, Colombia Series)


  1. I'm not asking but I'm curious - coffee beans?? It's funny that you, from cold Buffalo, is bringing such an exotic thing all the way down South!

    Visa are always a major pain. So I guess now you are good to come back to the US after the home visit, right?

  2. Getting busier just before flying huh. I can very well imagine what you're going through re pasalubong for family & friends. You're so thoughtful to even think of giving away your worn shoes to someone who needs it there.
    Have a safe journey and good luck on that interview.

  3. Zhu,

    Well, like I said, love works in mysterious ways! And yes, visas are the result of government whims and social weather patterns. But as they say, when an obstacle presents itself in front of you, one must be like water, by flowing around them.


    Well, things that have to be done have to be done. Thanks for the well wishes.