03 May 2010

Men are Dumb

So the other day, I was in the supermarket. I was in the shampoo and body wash aisle, and I was there because I needed to replenish my supplies.

I realized that men can be dumb, and the way these supplies are marketed reflects that.


Well, if you look at a random female-oriented body wash, for example, the bottle and the whole packaging highlights what exactly is in the product. So it has coconut oil, aloe vera, jujuba what not, pomegranate, you could actually make a freaking salad in there. Females apparently care about what is inside the product.

Not with men.

I noticed that these products that are geared for men, such as male body wash, and so forth, do not really describe what is inside. Men apparently don't care whether their body wash has aloe vera or pomegranate. Instead, they care about something else.

I noticed that these male products are bottled in a way that makes men think that they can attract women by simply using these products. Heck, this body wash has pheromones! Oh, by simply using this after shave, you can magnetize girls! Really? So no matter how ugly you are, just use this product and you will increase contact with the opposite sex.

Wow. And men fall for that? Apparently so, because if they don't, then this method of product placement would cease, but it still is being done, so obviously it is working.

Do men really think that women operate by just pheromones? That women will get attracted to you simply by smelling a certain product? That I suppose is a very animalistic view of humanity. And here I am thinking that we are higher level cognizant beings.

(Thomas Wolfe, from my University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Series)


  1. Very cool blog. I do agree that Men are Dumb. So much so, that I started a blog about it: http://menaredumb.info.

  2. Jeff,

    Welcome. I never knew that this is such a big topic that is worth forming a blog about!

  3. Mmm... I see the brand you are talking for... and yes, the marketing is very different for men and women. Women can be quite dumb too though. I mean, do you really need that many kind of shampoo??

  4. Zhu,

    True, there are so many kinds of shampoo for women it is kinda bizarre. So I suppose men and women are dumb in their own separate ways!