23 June 2010

Blast from the Non-Existent Past

So I just discovered Glee while in the Philippines. Due to tons of cable channels, I stumbled upon the season finale of the show one day, and figured I liked it, and decided to dig up the show and watch it from the very beginning. Internet is awesome in that way.

Anyway, I know that the show started a year earlier, but heck, it still is fun to watch. It provides me access to a sub-culture that perhaps I was unaware of, that is, high school.

I don’t know, but the show focuses on issues that apparently, high school students face: cliques, self-identity, bullying, social hierarchy, and so on. And I am assuming that the show is well-researched, so it is not an over-the-top depiction of reality. However, looking back, my high school experience was never like that.

Was I enveloped in a bubble that those factors were absent in my high school years? No. I think it was due to something else. I moved a lot. I attended 7th grade in the Philippines, 8th and 9th grade in a Japanese middle school, 10th and 11th grade in a Japanese high school, and 12th grade in Guam. I spent too short of a time to get fully integrated in the school’s social hierarchy. And given the problems that high school students face, I was there too short to even encounter it.

I mean, looking back, I do remember some people attempting to bully me in Japan, but the language problem actually was a benefit: I couldn’t understand what they were saying to actually provoke their desired reaction. I just ignored them, and they eventually realized that I was better left alone. And popularity? Other people think that being popular in a school is everything, but for me, why would I even aspire to be popular, when I know that in a year or two, I will be out of the school and leaving the country for another one.

And the years passed and I grew up.

Now I am a grad student, and I see some undergrads who are pledging for a fraternity or a sorority in the university, and I get reminded of the weird and incomprehensible social structures that some people have. But I just laugh at it, as I couldn’t care less.

(Slow Descent, from my Moray Series)


  1. awww, you're not alone. i cant call my high school life awesome. :S

    but Glee is cool. it makes me want to go back to high school and be cool. havent watched the show though for a while now. you should watch gossip girl too. but somehow, it's a bit overrated so i'm not sure if you're gonna like it.

  2. Lei,

    Well, awesomeness is relative after all, different things work for different people. At least, we survived, you know.