30 June 2010

Doppio Espresso

So, one of the things that I learned while I was visiting my parents in the Philippines is that coffee can be a serene experience. My dad makes fun of my way of drinking coffee: I like to drink coffee by the volume, so with their coffee/espresso machine, I prefer using the right hand side of the machine, which is pretty much the regular coffee machine. You just get some ground coffee beans, put them in a filter, and let the water drip, and you'll get a pot of steaming coffee after a few minutes.

On the other hand, my dad wants the left hand side of the machine: the espresso maker. This is where you put ground coffee beans in a dish, attach the dish on to the machine, and the water will be squeezed into the dish, and the coffee will come out in a smaller quantity, just enough to fill a small cup.

Personally, I don't see the difference. But since I want something that I can sip for a long time, I prefer the right side of the machine.

Then, I saw this article about dieting and calories, and how mixed coffee drinks in places like Starbucks and Seattle's Best actually carry tons of calories. So I actually looked it up. And I was surprised at what I found.

A doppio espresso is 2 ounces worth of pure coffee, and it only gives me a very lean 10 calories, and 150 milligrams of caffeine. Good. On the other hand, a venti hot chocolate is 20 ounces, and contains 430 calories, and that is without the syrup that they use to flavor the thing. When I got this, I used to get it with toffee nut. Wow, that is almost one fourth of the amount of calories needed per day, assuming that one needs 2000 calories. A venti non-fat chai contains 260 calories, and a venti toffee nut latte (the type I get whenever I needed a caffeine boost instead of my hot chocolate) gives me 360 calories.

So, I figured that I would revert back to the coffee drinking habits of the ancients, just how the Ethiopians drank it. No syrup, no whipped cream, whatsoever. Just pure caffeine, and perhaps just a small packet of sugar and a little amount of milk.

And because of that, I confused the person standing behind the counter: I used to get a hot chocolate for the longest time that she wondered what was up when I ordered something totally different this morning. I guess it's time to establish a new pattern.

(Plain of Rocks, from my Moray Series)

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