15 June 2010

The Excitement of Flying

My vacation here in the Philippines is about to end, and with that, I am about to clock in a few hours of flying time yet again.

Why am I getting excited again?

I know, I've flown quite a few times, perhaps more than the average Filipino individual. I know the drill, and I know what to expect whenever I find myself in an airport. I know what it feels like to fly. And yet I still find myself excited at the prospect of flying.

Whenever I go to Manila from my parents' house here, I ride the bus. And every time I ride the bus, I pick the last seat on the left going there, and the last seat on the right when I return. Why? Because the last seat is always elevated than the rest of the seats, and I can see the airport's runway whenever I sit there. I find it my small bit of unexplained pleasure to see the airport runway and see what planes are taking off and landing at those hours. Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport is quite a busy airport, and we get to see various different types of airlines, which is exciting, unlike Buffalo Niagara International Airport, which is boring.

Perhaps it is the exoticism of travel that I find exciting. The idea that one can show up at an airport and travel to virtually any place in the planet is awesome. That is something that one just doesn't get from a bus terminal.

Although I have to admit, there were a few times in the past in which I felt that air travel was just routine. I had to go somewhere in the United States this past year, I cannot remember which, but I remember feeling like blah, you know, I could care less about flying. One shows up at the airport, one submits to security, one boards a plane, and a couple of hours later, one lands. Routine stuff.

But no, I think flying is awesome, and I don't know why I didn't end up in the air travel industry. Oh well, I guess I'd rather just stick to traveling as an interest, and not a career, as that might strain the thought and I end up hating it.

The world is an awesome place. Watching cable channels like the Discovery Channel and National Geographic just supports that idea. I've set foot in 18 countries so far. Hopefully I get to increase that in the coming years.

(Marble Building, from my Bogotá, Colombia Series)


  1. I have a love/ hate relation with flying and airports. I hate the security and all the delays but at the same time, it's quite magic to travel.

  2. Zhu,

    My thoughts exactly! I love flying and traveling, but the security that comes with it is a pain in the ass, although I'd rather have a strict security regime than be blown up in the air.

  3. Whenever I'm in the vicinity of a busy airport runway, I always crane my neck up for some plane spotting - it's fun!

  4. TNP,

    Well, you're in the New York City area, you have busy airports that are near you!