21 June 2010

Picture Entry: Intramuros

I figured I should make an entry that showcases the places that I have visited in the past few weeks here in the Philippines. What I am going to show here is just a sample of the shots I took: there are plenty as always, and at this rate, I have a two-year delay in showing my photos here.

Intramuros is the old city of Manila. It was built by the Spaniards a few centuries ago, and it is surrounded by huge walls. Inside are some of the historical sights that the city of Manila has to offer. What you see above is a shot of the Casa Manila: a recreation of an old-style house. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take photographs of the interior, which was amazing. All I have is the courtyard and outside views.

Above is another shot of the marvelous exterior as well. The complete photos of Casa Manila are found here.

Right next door is the amazing San Agustin Church. This was completed in 1607, and is the oldest standing church in the Philippines. The interior has amazing ornaments, and plenty of couples want to get married in this one. This one is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, under the labels Baroque Churches of the Philippines, together with a couple other churches in the country.

This church has a rather interesting feature, which is the crypt. There is a room at the very end of the church and it houses several corpses, piled high, as the picture above shows. The complete pictures of San Agustin Church can be found here.

At the very end of Intramuros is Fort Santiago, which is the original defense of the walled city. This was also the place where the National Hero was imprisoned. What you see above is the entrance to the whole complex, complete with a moat.

Fort Santiago has several ruins, including this one. This now serves as the shrine to the National Hero, and there is a museum that is built adjacent to it. The complete set of photos for Fort Santiago can be found here.


  1. The church is beautiful!

    I'm glad you posted a few pictures since I have no idea what the Philippines look like. Looks very colonial actually, and quite historic.

  2. Zhu,

    This is the colonial part of the Philippines, and you're right, it is quite historic. Although right now, the Philippines is more known to be an adventure destination, with mountains and the ocean around it, there's plenty of things to do for the adventurous traveler.