02 July 2010

Bad Blah

I think I am getting down with a cold. The fact of the matter is that for the past 3 days, I always woke up with a sore throat, and this morning, it was bad. I felt like my throat was as big as an apple, and that it was very hard to swallow in the beginning. So I think this is a sign that there will be a bout of cold again, which is usually the case every year. I have this tendency to get a cold every now and then.

So I guess I am stacking up on Tylenol. I presume that if this is just the regular cold, then I would go through two packages of Tylenol Extra-Severe Cold Medicine, before it totally goes away. That's how it usually goes.

In other news, I have fixed my old computer, and it is currently the computer that I am using at home. I did manage to get rid of the malware that affected it, but it seems not to have been its old self. I don't know why. There are still some problems, as if it is suffering from a computer version of Alzheimer's disease. So I figured that I am separating my functions with these two laptops: the new one will be my work station, and the old one would be my play station. After all, if all I need to do on the old laptop is watch episodes of Glee, then that will suffice.

I like the fact that I have a battery again. I like this thing of being able to carry one's laptop somewhere, like for example in bed, and not having to plug it in every time. The other one has a dead battery, so I had to turn it off every time I need to move it.

Oh well, enough of the meaningless rant, and I have to make sure that this cold goes away.

(Plantation Bowl, from my Moray Series)

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