29 July 2010

Banging Brooklyn

Yesterday night, my sister and I went out, from Manhattan all the way to Brooklyn. And boy, after that, I wondered why I never discovered Brooklyn before, and only experienced it now.

The thing is, Brooklyn is snazzy, swanky, and yuppie. At least the place that we went was. It reminds me of Buffalo's Elmwood Avenue, yet more mature and less fluff. More serious, and not like it's just one utopian world consisting of one street that simply goes up and down.

So for dinner, we went to this swanky Asian bistro called Chance. We got dimsum, and it's dimsum with class. Yeah, I know, it's not that authentic to eat dimsum if it comes on swanky platters, given the fact that that is not how dimsum used to be presented, but hey, I like the presentation, and my Tsingtao went well with it.

After that, we went to a jazz bar called the Clover Club for some drinks. This is a bar that somehow wants to bring back the memories of the Roaring Twenties, and the design and all the setup is from that era. They have a great drinks menu, featuring cocktails from that period, and my sister, as usual, liked it a lot. I on the other hand, was content with their version of Harvey Wallbangers, and I was happy that even though it wasn't on the menu, they were able to offer it. I've had this drink quite a few times in different locales already, and I should say that their version is one of the best I've had. It features just the right mix of Galliano and vodka, unlike when we went to a Spanish restaurant in Manila a few months back, which rather submerged the alcohol in orange juice.

So overall, yesterday night was an awesome one. If only I've known how cool Brooklyn was before.

Oh, as an aside, this entry features the beginning of my new photo series, featuring the Qorikancha in Cuzco. Enjoy!

(Qorikancha, from my Qorikancha Series)

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