17 July 2010


I guess it is time to get busy this summer. For the past week, I have been using my time to prepare the class that I am teaching, and so far so good. Things are well, and I have materials from two professors who taught it in the past, which is awesome. I think I would be needing about a day to prepare a week's worth of class. Which means that I need to devote 15 days for the whole semester in preparing for this. That however does not count the grading and other stuff that I need to do as well.

What else is new? I need to meet with my adviser sometime. I think I have a theory, and all I need to do is to put it down on paper and see if I can test it in the lab. I think I do, and it's rather complicated, with many different assumptions. But that's how research goes I suppose.

It's been very hot here recently, very muggy and humid, which is why I find myself spending more and more time in my office, which is air-conditioned, instead of in my house. In this way, I get to work comfortably.

I am finding this transition period rather bizarre, at least when it comes to my typing skills. I have been practicing correct typing methods on my own, so that my fingers don't jump all over the keyboard. My left hand now uses all five fingers, but my right hand is still stubborn. We'll see how this improves.

I have a new photo series starting with this post, and these are the photos from the salt pans in the mountains in Peru. I visited these back in May 2008, so yes, there is a two-year delay. Sorry about that.

(The View from the Top, from my Salineras de Maras Series)

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