05 July 2010

Common Cold

The other day, I was down with the cold. I already went to the store to get myself two boxes of cold medicine, and usually, I only need two. After those two, I am basically good to go.

Anyway, The other day, I was so tired, it was unfathomable. I woke up, and ate breakfast, but still, I felt so exhausted that I just went back to bed. Then later I realized that I have already slept an additional two hours. So I woke up, and tried fixing myself some lunch.

I had a bunch of papers to read, but so far, I haven't touched them. My brain wasn't working, so I just opted to sit down and finish my Glee marathon.

Why do I like this series? Perhaps it is because it allows me to go back to high school again? Or perhaps it is an introduction to the sociology of the American high school culture? Or perhaps simply because one can feel good watching the show, even though I hate Sue Sylvester with a passion.

Yeah, I hate Sue Sylvester with a passion. She is one of those characters that I just want to grab her head and sever it and crush it until all of her brain juices come out. But I gotta give it to Jane Lynch, she is good. She makes a great villain. So I am glad that there is a second season coming up. In the meantime, I need to get back to work.

But that might be a challenge, as this nose is giving me problems, and I can't breathe through it.

(View Inside the Bowl, from my Moray Series)


  1. I had the worst cold ever last summer at the peak of a heat waves. Weird. Summer colds are harder to cure it seems.

  2. Zhu,

    And the funny thing is, we're having a heat wave right now. It seems that heat waves and cold coincide a lot.