25 July 2010

Hats and Head Coverings

In my office, there is this straw hat that hangs on the wall. It's not mine, it belongs to my officemate, but I never saw it used. I guess is was just intended to be a decoration.

Which somehow brings to mind the fact that recently, I've been seeing more and more people wearing hats and other types of head coverings. Is it a fashion thing? I mean, aside from the fact that I know that hats should be worn whenever there is a danger to one's scalp and head, then I kinda don't see the point as to why people should wear hats, aside from the possibility that wearing one perhaps enhances one's perception of aesthetic value of oneself.

I mean, hats can be protective. If you go caving, you would want to have a hat. If you are in a construction zone, you would want to have a hat. If you go parachuting, there should be a hat. Those are called helmets. If the sun is too strong, you might want to have a hat. If it is raining, then you could wear what those Asian folks wear and get a wide-brimmed hat.

However, if the weather is all perfect and there is nothing else that might attack your head, then why wear a hat? Are you worried that your scalp might be damaged and sunburned? Well there's hair for that purpose. Ok, if you're bald or if you shave your head, then sure, wear a hat if you want. But I just don't see the point of having an additional article of clothing when heads and scalps aren't typically part of the set of body parts that you are embarrassed to show and therefore need to cover in public.

Of course, the above argument topples once we take into account the human's aesthetic view. As once aesthetics comes into the picture, everything is possible. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if someone thinks that one's beauty index goes up by wearing a fedora or a beret or a bowler hat, then sure. Good luck falsifying that.

(Drying Salt, from my Salineras de Maras Series)

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