06 July 2010

Sundresses and Short Shorts

The other day, I was working in front of my table in my apartment, tapping away on the keyboard, when I looked outside the window and saw two interesting people. The thing is, it was rather hot, and the summer heat was getting to everyone. So these interesting people were interesting due to the fact that they were wearing very skimpy clothing.

The guy was just wearing a very short denim short, and nothing else. The girl was wearing basically a bikini and nothing else. And they were rollerblading on the streets, in a residential neighborhood.

I guess I don't have a problem with that. Not at all. But what I find rather disconcerting is whenever I see women in sundresses, those one-piece single flowing dresses that usually are long, and they are held on to the body by spaghetti straps or sometimes, even strapless, and they go to an airport and fly like that. Somehow, I get this idea that they just stepped out of their showers and hopped into a taxi ready to get into a plane to jet somewhere.

Do I have a problem with showing skin? Maybe not. I don't mind getting to look at awesome bodies dressed skimpily. But perhaps I have a problem with the appropriateness of the outfits. Now this might be just me, but I don't see it appropriate to wear a bikini in a supermarket. And a sundress in an airport. Is there a rationale behind this thought? Probably not, probably it's just my preference.

But hey, if one wears a sundress in an airport, it's easier when it comes to screening, right? There's less padding in the body, better for a body search.

(Stadium, from my Moray Series)


  1. I would never dream of wearing just a bikini in a urban area. I saw a lot of girls doing that in Rio de Janeiro, taking the subway wearing bikinis and even there it looked a bit weird!

  2. Zhu,

    Hehe, me too. But things apparently are changing!