16 August 2010


Oh my, the other day, I caught myself doing something that would probably make other people think that I am a Buffalonian. And come to think of it, after living here for 5 years now, I suppose it is less surprising if it is the fact that nothing has rubbed off me.

Anyway, the annual beginning of the year departmental party is coming up. And tradition dictates that each person bring something to eat or drink. New graduate students are told that attendance is mandatory. And I usually do not skip this event because this is pretty much the only time that everyone is there and everyone gets to know who everyone is. In fact, there is always one section in the night where everyone gets a few minutes of the floor and introduces himself or herself to everyone and tells everyone what he or she does.

So for the past five years, I have attended this, and have seen who is new and who isn't. I also brought something interesting all the time. And perhaps with the exception of the first year, when I bought a rather boring pasta dish, I always bring back my pot/casserole/pan home clean and empty. So I was looking at online recipes and seeing what I should bring this time.

And so I was looking, and then I stumbled upon a chicken wing recipe. It's not the Buffalo variety, but something different. I figured, hmmm, I brought main dishes before, I brought salads, and I hate making desserts. But I haven't made appetizers yet. So I might try it. Then I went to Wikipedia and searched for "chicken wing". And to my surprise, I was redirected to Buffalo wing. Wow. Then I read the article, and sure enough, locals call the dish "chicken wing" and I am starting to act like a local.

It's not only in little things like these. My vowels have also been screwed up. My low central vowel is slowly becoming Buffalonian. Good thing I haven't been doing the falling diphthong that Buffalonians usually pronounce in place of the American English standard low front vowel. That just grates my ears. I'm sorry, but I will just be a non-linguist in this aspect, and try to resist change as much as I can, thank you very much.

(Temple Walls 4, from my Qorikancha Series)

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