20 August 2010

The Epitome of Randomness

I am glad that the summer has already turned a little cooler. The temperatures have been lower than 30 C for the past couple of weeks, and that is a good thing. Unlike back in July, when the temperatures have been soaring around mid-30s and it is basically a necessity to take three showers a day and sleep naked. Now, the breeze is back, and I even feel like it's too cold in the morning when my fan is blasting the cool air from outside the window.

Classes will start in a week, and there are students that are back on campus. Just today, when I was heading to get a doppio, new students are out and about, doing their orientation. And they look so young. After all, the incoming freshmen are like born in 1992. A full 10 years younger than me.

We watched the movie Lemon Tree last night, or rather, watched it up to about 30 minutes into the film. The film was rather boring, and we just didn't get enough motivation to watch the whole thing. So we just stopped the DVD and returned it, so that we can get the next movie. It was supposed to be a Israeli-Palestinian movie, about a widow who has a lemon grove, but happens to be next to the border between Israel and the West Bank. The other side of the border happens to be the house of the Israeli Defense Minister, and so it is heavily guarded. Then they realize that the lemon groves can be used as a hideout by bad elements, and so they want to cut it. I dunno, there are things that are done by the Israeli collective as a whole (such as the Gaza flotilla incident earlier this year) that I do not agree with, and watching this movie just somehow increases my sentiments against the Israeli collective, and so I figured I don't need more information on that. I have friends who are Israeli, and I care about them regardless of their citizenship. However, there are things about the Israeli collective that I do not agree with. Current constraints are such that I have no desire to visit Israel for example.

I am almost done reading V. by Thomas Pynchon. Perhaps my book review will come out in a few days. It's very post-modern, and I am liking it, somehow. We'll see when we get to the end.

I just found out that the two flights that I will take later in September to New York City and back will be my 99th and 100th flights. I will have flown 153,781 miles, and that is enough to circle the earth 6.18 times. It is also more than halfway the distance from the earth to the moon.

I need to buy some hair gel. My old bottle is about to be finished.

Oh, and I need to return some mail too. There's quite a few pieces of mail that are addressed to people who are not living in my building anymore, so I just need to write a Return to sender: Tenant moved to the envelopes and they will be taken care of.

(Smooth Rocks, from my Qorikancha Series)


  1. Almost 100 flights? Wow, you must have started young! Last time I counted, I flew 56 times.

  2. Zhu,

    I started when I was 3 years old. And the way I count it is by legs, at least that's how flightmemory.com allows me to do so. So one take-off and one landing constitutes a flight. So, if I fly from New York City to Paris with a stop in Iceland and back, that would be 4 flights.