03 August 2010

Picture Entry: Corregidor Island

I forgot that I haven't posted a picture entry for the last thing I saw in Manila before I left. The weekend before I departed to return to Buffalo back in June, my parents and I went to Corregidor Island. This was an island that sits on the mouth of Manila Bay, and due to the strategic location, it served various purposes from ancient times as a way to protect and guard the city that lies beyond.

In order to get to the island, one has to ride a ferry. A ferry like the one pictured above. The ride takes about an hour long, and passengers are dropped off at the northern side of the island.

During the American Period, Corregidor served as a military base, and therefore the Americans constructed plenty of infrastructure in the island. Then WWII came, and the Japanese bombed the whole place. Today, there remains plenty of signs of destruction, and these are good subjects of disaster photographs.

Several guns and cannons are still located in the island, and some are still in good condition. This picture above is one of four of the guns that were located in one corner of the island, and this apparently was a gun that was designed to shoot against air targets.

Corregidor may be most famous for the pictures that show the Mile-Long Barracks. This is the very long building whose ruins seem to be the most intact, and I have a few pictures of it, one of them being the one shown above. It was a really long building, that no matter what I do, I cannot put the whole building into my camera frame.

We decided to do an overnight stay in the island, so we stayed at the Corregidor Inn for the night. It was a good experience, although the air conditioning was a little freezing through the night.

We also watched the sun descend that night, by heading to the western end of the island, and so I took this shot. Aside from that, we did some cool activities such as exploring the tunnels that the soldiers built back then, and we even did a ride at the zipline!


  1. Oh, zipline is fun, we did it in Costa Rica! Although it was a bit more scary than I thought it would be.

    The colors are so vivid...

  2. Zhu,

    Oh I would want to do the zipline in Costa Rica. I heard that was a very cool ride through the rainforest!