13 August 2010

Ready to Roll

Classes will start in less than three weeks. I have a class to teach, and there's 80 students in it. I will also get a TA. Nice.

So, I have all the slides prepared already. Everything from Week 1 to Week 15. I also have all the in-class exercises ready. All 6 of them. I now have four of them printed, all 80 copies each. The remaining two are still in the printers because the printer had a little problem, and the secretaries are still trying to resolve it. Good thing I already did this today instead of during the semester, when I would be hard-pressed on time if problems like these occurred. I also have all the homework assignments ready, and they will be uploaded online when they are given out to the students.

I also checked the bookstore in the university today, they already have my textbooks. That is a good thing. That means that my students will have no reason in complaining that they don't have the book yet for the class, since it's already available in the bookstore.

I also had a final word with respect to who my TA is going to be. All I need is to tell him what I want to happen, and such. I already have my office hours settled, and I just need to make sure that my office hours and his office hours are not overlapping, so that the students will have the most time in meeting with either of the two of us.

So yeah, this semester is ready to roll. Why am I excited?

(Church and Rock Garden, from my Qorikancha Series)


  1. You look super organized! Did you get to choose your TA or he/ she was assigned to you?

  2. Zhu,

    Oh, he was assigned, since it also depends on the other person's schedule and who will fit on my class' schedule.