11 August 2010


Perhaps one bizarre characteristic of mine is that I think I have a strong affinity to the sense of smell. I tend to smell things more than others. I suppose after reading about French-made hand creams from another blog, I figured that I blog about this topic.

Anyway, I suppose I like the sense of smell due to the fact that it is not that obvious. Unlike seeing, people don't have an equal sense of smell. There are scents that only a subset of people can actually detect, and so it's not like you point out something out in the open, and people will definitely sense it. At least for seeing, if people don't sense it, they're blind. Either they see everything or they see nothing. For smelling, it's not the same case.

Whenever I get my hands on to a new book, whether it is borrowed from the library, or actually bought in the store, the first thing I would do is to flip the pages and actually try to smell the paper and ink. I love the smell of a new book, for some bizarre reason.

Whenever I cook, I like it when I have rosemary in the dish. Basil and oregano smells good too, but in my opinion, nothing beats the smell of rosemary in a simmering pot.

Before I leave the house, I always put on some cologne. Perhaps I got introduced to scents early on, and so it has become a habit. The current bottle I am working on right now is a bottle of M7 by Yves Saint Laurent.

I suppose scents can be a person's signature. I always know that my officemates have been in the room if I open the door and smell their presence. I know, that's bizarre.

Finally, the hair is perhaps the area of the body that retains the most scent. Try smelling someone's hair, and it'll give off a scent that you perhaps have not noticed at all unless you really came close. These dead cells have something in them that I just don't know why, but they do retain a scent that is otherwise not present.

(Garden Rocks, from my Qorikancha Series)


  1. I smell books too! The smell of paper in general is lovely, especially the one of new books and glossy paper. God, I sound weird.