06 August 2010

Stupid Baby

So I get the feeling that this summer is warmer than usual. In the Philippines, the news has been making it a big deal how it was so hot back in May, and that the heat was exceptional. Even here, a few weeks ago, we had a heat wave, and my sister spontaneously bought a portable air conditioner. In areas such as India and Pakistan, I saw the news that they had record temperatures there, reaching up to 58 C. And in Europe and Russia, they also have been suffering from extreme heat, with temperatures rising all the way to the top.

Apparently, this is because of El Nino, the baby, and it is disturbing the weather patterns worldwide. I remember back in 1998, when people also complained about how hot that summer was. I guess that was also the work of the baby.

Anyway, the other night, I found myself so hot, that even though the fan was right at my face, I would sweat, and the parts of my body that had skin contact (if I were sitting, for example, the folds of skin on the back of my thighs would touch) would sweat and I would feel so uncomfortable. I figured that at 9:40 PM, I would do an ice cream run. So I went to the nearest convenience store, and it was good that they were still open that night, and I bought a couple jugs of ice cream. They were on sale, 2 jugs for 7.00 USD.

The day after that, I found myself somehow devoid of work. My dissertation wasn't moving because it was my adviser's turn to move, and he had to read what I gave him before I could do something with it. In one collaborative project, I already gave my comments on the paper we were publishing, and I am not the first author of it. And in yet another collaborative project, I wrote all I could think of and I needed my collaborator to read it before we proceed. So in essence, I found myself a day without anything to do.

I figured I catch up on my fictional reading. So I did. I grabbed the book I was reading, and went to south campus, and picked a tree that had a big shade. A few hours later, I finished the book. Fortunately, I had another one.

However, the heat was there, so I figured I move somewhere cool, so in search for air conditioning, I went to the library.

This is one stupid baby.

(Courtyard and Belltower, from my Qorikancha Series)


  1. It'd cooler here in Ottawa today, but the week was just crazy hot and so humid! I felt like I was in Asian with the monsoon!

  2. Zhu,

    I know. I am glad that for today, it has cooled down a bit. But not for long, as the temperatures are going to rise again sometime next week. I cannot wait for this summer to be over.