21 September 2010


Wow, it's just the fourth week of the semester, and I already feel like I want to clone myself. Things are getting so intensely busy that I need an assistant. My blackboard here has a list of the things that I need to do, and they are piling up.

First, my dissertation seems to involve meeting with my adviser twice a week now. That's a good thing. I have been writing stimuli for the experiments that I am conducting, and we are making sure that things are actually in place, before we run them. I have Excel sheets of stuff, and there's just a lot of them.

Second, some good news is in order. I am presenting a talk at a conference this January, and that is good. I am not the first author, but still, there are things that need to be done, such as making sure that the stats in the talk are in order, and that things that happened in the lab are reported accordingly.

Third, I have two papers to write. One is already quite finished, and the other authors are looking into it and revising it, and the second one is more involved, as I am the first author for that one. However, due to the other stuff on my plate, this one is on low priority.

Those are the three big things that I have. There are other stuff, such as lab duty, which I do every Tuesday, and the papers that I need to read for the class I am taking. The class I am teaching is also cool, since I already gave them the first homework, and I am glad that I have a TA so that I would not have to grade them myself. Very sweet.

(Abandoned Hallways, from my Pisac Series)

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