16 September 2010

Random Humdrum

It's the third week of the semester already. And things are picking up. People are running back and forth on campus, and things are busy.

I started doing lab duty again this week. People start coming in the labs from the third week onward, because the first two weeks are add-drop periods, so people can still decide that they don't want to take Psych 101 and not do the experiments, if they want to. But once the third week comes in, people are locked into their classes, and they basically have to start doing the experiments.

I conducted experiments on two people this past Tuesday. They seemed okay, definitely way better than the participants that we get when the semester is about to finish. Somehow, they're qualitatively better. I just cannot put a name to why it is the case.

I hate my Mondays and Wednesdays. These are the days in which I have a class I teach and a class I take. I get the feeling that I get nothing accomplished in those days. I come to school, teach, attend class, and that's it. I don't get anything done for the papers I am writing, the experiments that I am supposed to run, and so forth.

Yesterday, I was walking in the corridor between the library and the student union, and there was a guy walking towards me. It was bizarre, I swear he was staring at my crotch and I was being mentally undressed.

My adviser and I had a meeting yesterday and today. After that, I need to write several hundred sentences, for testing purposes. These will form the basis for my experiments. Then, I need to write an IRB protocol in order to conduct my experiments, so that I can assure the human research board that my research will not adversely damage my human participants. I've done that before so many times now, I think I can tell anyone why the Zimbardo experiment and the Milgram experiment back in the 60s was bad. Oh, and don't forget Tuskegee.

I can't take Katy Perry and her California Gurls song out of my head. At least it's not Justin Bieber, in that case, I'd make myself mentally vomit that song until it is completely obliterated.

I find it hard to get a drink out of Starbucks aside from a Doppio Espresso. Every time I go in there, they already know my order, so they don't even ask me. So the other day, when I saw new personnel, I ordered something different, a hot chocolate, for a change. After all, it was already the afternoon, and that was a little deviant of my habits. I just needed something to make me last the whole day.

Oh well, things are picking pace. The faculty kinda had the impression that I was a little slow in my research pace back in April, so I vowed to make that false. I vowed that I would speed up, fast enough so that my adviser can feel the breeze of me zooming by through his facial hair. Okay, that was a little melodramatic, but I am definitely piling so many pieces of motivation to move forward and graduate.

Enough of that. I need to pack.

(Rock Wall, from my Pisac Series)


  1. I like the way you say you are making experiments on people, it sounds lightly scary ;-)

    I'm a Starbucks girl myself and I often stick to the same drink because I finally know how to order it.

  2. Zhu,

    Oh no, not at all. We won't need to inject you with radioactive material, we'll just present you with words and sentences designed to make your head experience a little blip.