08 September 2010

Weather Change

Funny, but the moment the calendar turned September, the cold air came. I am glad. The summer heat is out, and I started wearing fleece jackets again. This couldn't be better.

I always liked the middle seasons of spring and autumn. Perhaps I like autumn better because the colors are great, and they are pretty to look at. I never liked summer, as I hated sweating, and winter, yeah, they're interesting, although sometimes I hate shoveling my driveway for endless hours. I just look at the task as my winter form of exercise.

Anyway, autumn is here, and the cool air is back. I am glad. It's time to hide the fan again. And I like the breeze, as it just makes walking outside very interesting.

(I See Structures!, from my Pisac Series)


  1. I fell asleep sweaty and hot and I woke up cold again... I hate when the weather changes overnight, you just don't know how to adapt!

  2. Zhu,

    I know. Yesterday, I was sweating, now I am in a fleece jacket. It does mess up your system, and most people get colds during the weather change.

  3. Like you, I also don't like summer. Fall is such a welcome relief from the heat and humidity that I can now comfortably sleep with my bedroom window open. Fresh air is always better than what comes out from the airconditioner.

  4. TNP,

    I agree. Unfortunately, I cannot wish that the current temperatures stay this way, as we all know that winter is coming soon.