10 October 2010


I can make my thumbs touch my forearm. I can also bend my fingers backward more than 90 degrees. And only because I got curious of this fact after watching one episode in The Amazing Race that I looked it up.

So apparently, this is a syndrome. I guess the nerdy term for it is benign joint hypermobility syndrome. It seems that it is caused by a collagen defect, resulting in weakened ligaments and joints. And so there's this battery of tests that one can do to see whether one is indeed affected. It seems that it is exhibited on my hands mostly, with my thumbs and fingers having weird bendable properties. My toes and my shoulders are not much.

Anyway, they say that one is more prone to injury, but so far, I haven't been injured in my joints, and I haven't broken any bones whatsoever. So, if it's benign, I guess that's okay. It hasn't been disrupting my life, yet. At least, it provides me with interesting things to do with my hand.

(Heavenly Steps, from my Pisac Series)


  1. Hey there!

    I didn't know there was a term for it. I thought it was just a weird talent. Hypermobility Syndrome, that's interesting. I can make my fingers touch the back of my forearm and my shoulders separate a bit - actually, I don't know how to describe that thing on my shoulder. Now I know, yeah, it must be something about a collagen defect. Collagen is a Protein, right? Considering me being skinny, I totally need to pack a lot of Protein.

  2. HalfCrazy,

    Hello and welcome to the blog!

    Oh, you have the shoulder thing too? I think mine's confined to the hands, I don't think I can do interesting things with my shoulder. And unfortunately, I don't know much about collagen. But so far, I haven't been in trouble because of this, and so I don't need to modify what I am doing at the moment.

  3. My hands are fingers are super flexible too, I can do crazy things bending my fingers.

    The rest of my body isn't so flexible though... unfortunately. It would help in yoga class.

  4. Zhu,

    Ha! Yoga class, definitely. Or, one could join the circus and do interesting things!

  5. Darnit. Now you got me trying to find out if I could do the same. LOL

    Well, in case you want to know, I can bend my 4 left fingers backward only up to 90 degrees, but my thumb can reach my forearm when I bend it backwards. Strange.

    Now I'm also wondering if it's normal for almost every "visible" joint in your body to make noises when you crack 'em.

  6. prabster,

    That is indeed strange. But I guess that's possible too. Regarding cracking your visible joints, I am not sure about that, I surely tried that too. I can crack all the joints in my hands, and in my toes. I can also crack my ankles. But that's about it.

  7. Aside from those, I can do both sides of my waist, my neck, elbows and my wrists. I can do that with my jaw as well, but I've stopped the habit of doing that, because I'm scared that I might dislocate the jaw. lol

  8. prabster,

    Oh, it's scary just thinking about cracking your jaw!